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Sanitas Cycling Race Event Policies

Policy #1: Should a cycling race be cancelled for any reason 14 days or less from the race date, we will extend an entry fee credit certificate to athletes enrolled in the canceled race to be used against the entry fee for any single Sanitas Sports event of choice conducted in the same calendar year. A certificate will be issued in the amount of 50% of the original entry fee paid (processing fees do not apply).  The certificate must be used within the same calendar year as it was issued and can be used for any discipline of racing (i.e. Road, TT, Cross, etc...).  If the race is the last one of the season, then the certificate can be used towards an event the following year. We reserve the right to make course changes and modifications due to safety issues and extenuating circumstances, no refunds will be given for a course alteration.

Policy #2: If a race has been rescheduled for the same calendar year or season (i.e. road cycling season) then no refunds will be credited.

Entry Fees, Refunds and Switching Policy: There are no refunds of Entry Fees unless the event is canceled.  Please see our Event Cancellation policy for details.  We will  permit a switch to another non-closed Sanitas Sports event as long as we receive the request at Sanitas Sports offices at least 15 days prior to the race you enrolled in, your written switch request. No refunds or switches inside 15 days.  Written means via e-mail, FAX or mailed letter. 

Switching Divisions: Up to the Wednesday of race week, you may switch from division to division, (i.e Cat 40+4 to Cat 4 or vise-versa...your racing license must support the category change) By that Wednesday, we will need your written request for any changes (e-mailed to 



Course Changes: In the event that the proposed course can not be run or must be altered we reserve the right to change the format to conduct the event.

Switching To Another Person: Another person may take your race slot as long as we receive the request no later than 15 days prior to the race date the completed entry form of the replacement plus a note from you authorizing the switch. No phone requests will be accepted. 

Contact: to receive the proper transfer forms.

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